Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Earworm Wednesday: Still Stuck on Fiona Apple 17 Years Later

My Amazon Prime is up this month and we can't really afford the $99 renewal fee. I decided that was the perfect excuse to order the Fiona Apple Tidal piano songbook off of Amazon. Totally makes sense, right?
When I listen to songs from the Tidal album like Slow Like Honey, I seriously cannot believe that I thought I related to this album when I was in eighth grade. I have a very clear memory of listening to this album (and Live's Throwing Copper) over and over again on my giant Discman on the bus ride to Washington D.C. from Michigan. I remember thinking to myself, "Man, I cannot WAIT to get older."

Um, eighth grade Jen. Slow your roll. 
Sometimes when I talk to young people about lyrics of songs and the meaning, they will tell me that they honestly weren't even listening to the words-- they just like the tune or the beat. First, I don't understand how that could even happen. Second, eighth grade Jen listened to all of these Tidal lyrics which is probably why high school was an especially angsty time.

Um, the lyrics to this song make me want to shake eighth grade Jen and clutch my pearls:

I've loved all of Fiona Apple's albums after Tidal, especially When the Pawn, but Tidal was my first exposure to a female artist who sang on what felt like a level that was the opposite of Mariah Carey (who I loved too).

Happy Angsty Wednesday. Listen to your lyrics!

Monday, September 29, 2014

I. Love. Fall. And Maybe Fishing.

Just a little postcard for you from my beautiful weekend...
I love Michigan in the fall. The air changes with the colors and the smell of the season makes me want to be outside all day long. And when we get those amazing fall days that are 75 degrees and sunny?! Dang, yo! It's incredible! 

The Hubs and I headed up north to Lewiston for a long weekend. We ate, we drank, we fished, we bonfired, we spent lots of time together, I didn't wash my hair for three days, we kayaked all over the place, we drove around and stared in awe at the beautiful colors, we watched the stars reflected in the lake on super clear nights-- it was awesome. I love spending extra time with him. 

One thing though... I really need to get over my fear of taking the hook out of a fish's mouth. I've never really fished, unless you count going to a fish farm and catching fish and having someone else take it off the hook for you., I've never fished. I just started getting into fishing and I can catch the fish, but I can't bring myself to unhook the fish yet. I usually hold the pole and the net while The Hubs takes the hook out. Then I hold the fish for a picture (because if there isn't a picture, it didn't really happen) and throw it back. The Hubs said after the first time you do it, you're fine. 

I really tried to unhook the large mouth bass I caught yesterday afternoon. Instead, I pathetically yelled from my kayak while the fish flailed about in the water, "HUBS! HUBS! Come paddle over here! Help me! Oh my gosh, I think I hooked this poor fish in the eye! Oh my god! Oh my god! Help! Help! I can literally SEE the hook in this guy's eye!" I believe I also squealed. FYI, there wasn't a hook in the eye.

That was an embarrassing admission. I need to put my badass pants on. My friend Deann, my badass in nature role model, went bow fishing. If she can spear a huge fish with an arrow, then I can take a fish off of a hook. Let's not even talk about using live bait. I'm not even close to that yet. 

Here's to all things fall, including fall fishing and taking the fish you catch in the fall off of the hook yourself. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Earworm Wednesday: Time for the Lady Singers

It is officially my favorite season. It is the season I most like to listen to my favorite women from the 90s and early 00's... Tori, Ani, and Fiona. This Earworm Wednesday is dedicated to them!
This song. This video!

Hold on, one more time:
Tee hee
My favorite sad sack song. 

Best. Breakup. Song. Ever. 

I'm going to go stare introspectively out of a window and think about my life. After I think about my life, I'm going to wear a nubby sweater and sip a pumpkin latte black coffee. 

Happy Autumn! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

On Morning Workouts

This morning I decided to get back into my morning workout mode. When I had the HORRIBLE shigella infection this summer, I stopped working out in the morning. I started working out again for my health and triathlons, but I switched to the evening. My work schedule is getting filled up again and it's getting darker earlier, so I'm back to the morning.

This is a minute-by-minute snapshot of my morning of getting back to working out in the morning:
4:00am, 5:40am: Wake several times and feel anxious because my alarm is going off early but then feel relieved because I have a few more hours/minutes to sleep.
6:15am: Alarm goes off
6:16am: Press snooze.
6:26am: Alarm goes off again.
6:26am: Press snooze and stare into the the darkness.
6:27am: The Hubs mumbles, "Seriously dude, if that goes off again... [unintelligible babble]"
6:28am: Turn off alarm. Grab phone and procrastinate by checking Facebook instead of getting out of bed.
6:29am: Read some blogs. Tell myself I'm only going to do this until 6:36am
6:36am: Google search "reasons to work out in the morning." Read a few of the search results.
6:39am: Feel inspired by the results and slowly move out of bed.
6:42am: Get swimsuit on. Think that I should have slept in swimsuit for motivation/inspiration. Shuffle around the house.
7:00am: Go to gym.
Yeah. I'm dropping an eff bomb. It was like that.
I got up at 5:14am for the last eight years of my life. This shouldn't have been so hard.

The good news is that when I left the gym I felt like a boss. 
I went home, made breakfast, folded laundry, went to the bank, AND went to the store all before work at 9:30am.

An old man flicked me off hard on the way into work because I was accidentally tailgating him (he, going 20 in a 45. Me, so happy from working out that I was singing and moving around all cool-like to West Coast by Lana Del Rey and accidentally tailgating him because he was going SO SLOW) and I didn't even get sad about it. I waved and smiled when I passed him. 

So yeah... gonna start those morning workouts again fer reals. 
Get that extra shot of happiness in the morning:

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Purge Project Part 5: Gettin' Rid of the Green Weekend

Catch up before you read today's post... you know, if you feel like it:

Cleaning and purging my office led me to decide that I HATED the minty green color on the walls.
When we bought the house, we painted the house. At the end of day three of painting, the room was still its original navy blue and we'd already painted the kitchen, living room, hallways, guest room, and bathroom. We were tired. We were also broke. Painting a whole house is expensive!
Yeah, it's not full of junk, but it wasn't my style. 
We took the green from the living room, which I love, and added a bunch of white to it. Then we slapped the paint on the walls to cover the horribly dark navy blue. It was the tired and broke way to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

When I finally had a blank canvas, I would walk into the room and think, "Ugh. Mint." 

The Hubs and I took a break from home improvement on Saturday for a delicious and beautiful adventure to Fennville. We headed over to Salt of the Earth for woodfired pizza and a woodfire toasted s'more (with homemade marshmallow, nom, nom, nom). If you are in West Michigan and haven't yet dined at Salt of the Earth, it is highly recommended. Yes, it is a little pricey, but main ingredients come from a fifty-mile radius. And the meats. Oh, the meats. It's worth it once or twice a year.

Okay, I'm done with my food talk.

We found a little beach called Pier Cove and made it just in time for the sunset. I love Michigan and being close to Lake Michigan. We've discussed what it would take to move away from the mitten. I think I would always come back because nature. Saturday night was one of those extremely satisfying evenings that makes you smile when you think about it for the next few days.
Sunday was the day everything had to be done because people were coming to the house for dinner. I scheduled it that way to ensure that I didn't get lazy and leave the project unfinished-- I've been known to do that. I put a THIRD coat of paint on the purple wall (ugh) and finished the gray. The Hubs and I moved the overstuffed bookshelf, finished the closet (he had the brilliant idea to put books across the top to relieve the overstuffed bookshelf), and hung pictures.
This room isn't finished, but it's getting there. I keep peeking my head in to appreciate the colors. In my "research" on painting rooms via Pinterest and Google, I read that cool colors in an office are calming and help you feel less stressed. I don't know if the calm is coming from the order of the room or the colors. I think both. 

 Coming soon when I finally have money to get everything else that I want to get, which means November
Side by side pictures of the room at the beginning, middle, and end. Finally. 

Will I be able to keep it together until November when you see the final reveal? 
I hope so. I would be very disappointed in myself if I went back to my hoarding ways. 

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Earworm Wednesday: Cardiac Arrest

This song is all over the alternative radio station here and I love it. It is a true earworm in that it gets stuck in my head and I can't get it out! The song is a little more bouncy than my usual jam, but I'm bouncing along with it. I haven't listened to the rest of the Bad Suns album, but if it sounds like this I might give it a try.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Painting Weekend Selfies

I spent all weekend painting and I am so happy with the results! Here are a few selfies from the weekend:
I frosted a window in the room. The Valspar frosting spray paint in white worked like a charm. Plus, I got to wear a respirator, which is always good for selfies. 

This was day three of painting the accent wall an eggplant purple. The Olympic Icon was the cheapest primer+paint and at this point I was feeling very sorry that I didn't throw in five to ten more dollars for a paint with better coverage. Should have gone with Valspar. This was taken right before the third coat. Plus, I ran out and there are still a few thin spots. Lesson learned. 

Pictures of the actual room are coming later this week. 
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