Tuesday, January 30, 2007

School is going all right. I thought we might get a snow day today but it didn't happen.

I'm proud of myself for trying to make more time for myself this semester. So far I've been able to work out almost every day, get home in time to make dinner instead of going out to eat, go to the chiropractor, get a massage, and keep our new place clean. It's amazing what being a little selfish sometimes can do for your state of mind.

The only thing I'm having an issue with is kids. I keep getting new transfer students and it's stressful. They are coming in two weeks into a research project. It's not cool that our school does this. They are getting set up to fail. So far in the past two weeks I've gotten 5 new kids. They have no idea what's going on and one of them doesn't speak English. Plus, they are getting added into my worst behaved classes. AWESOME!

The good news is that we settled on a contract. We're more than halfway through the school year, but we have a contract. Isn't it weird that contracts only last for one school year? All I know is that I will be making more money. That really is awesome.

I've been obsessed with New Buffalo for the past few months:

I just love everything about this album. I like the lead singer's voice and the weird electronic effects. Beautiful.

I was asked to speak on a panel about one of the books I taught using literature circles this year. I don't know. What if I can't answer a question someone wants to know the answer to? I'll probably look like an ass. I might do it though, just for the promise of being able to include it on my resume.

Anyway, I should be working and not bitchin'. Peace.

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