Sunday, August 26, 2007

Well. Another school year begins. I have been being really hard on myself these last few days. We had a freshman orientation around campus with parents and while I was giving the tour all I could think was... "These parents think I sound like a huge ditz. Why would they want their kids in my class?" I have been acting very insecure. I didn't feel this way last year because I didn't have time to feel this way. I was hired in late and running around thinking about relevant things.
On the other hand, I am excited! This is my second year, the year everyone says is "200%" better. I was a sucker and signed on to be the advisor for the class of 2011. While this means a tiny pay raise, I don't know what else I'll be doing except fundraising. Also, I am still the school's Diversity and Leadership Training advisor (although I'd love to share it with someone) and I have some great ideas for this school year. I know what books I'll be teaching from the beginning of the year to the end. That's exciting too considering that last year I was always deciding things last minute.

Nathan's dad says that things are completely smooth until your fifth year. Four years to go starting tomorrow!
Goals for the school year:
1. Teach more writing and vocab
2. Learn the best strategies to teach kids to read
3. Be more positive
4. Don't argue with the students
5. Go to more sporting events.
6. Think of more creative and positive ways to discipline the kids.
7. Follow through all year
8. Get out of school earlier
9. Get to school later
10. Be a little bit more of a hardass. Just a little.

Last but not least...
11. Make more time for myself
This is a pic from the end of last school year. It's one of my favorites because I was on the brink of tears. Not because I was happy that school was over, but because I really grew fond of my students!

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