Monday, January 18, 2010

I've got my hands into EVERYTHING

I'm trying to figure out where this blog is going. It would be nice to really focus on ONE thing in my life. Is this going to be about food and my journey to get healthy? Is it going to be about teaching? Can it be about whatever the hell I want?

I think I'll just keep posting about whatever the hell I want until something big happens. Right now, whatever the hell I want consists of these parts of my life:
My family including my husband and my dogs
Trying to be healthy
Teaching in a public school
Taking Master's classes
Working for a non-profit
Trying to become a world traveler
Reading things that turn my world on its head
Trying to be a educational revolutionary

On that note, I've been writing about my life since I was five and I wrote about my day in a journal with balloons on the cover. I think I'll keep doing that here.

One last note. Hannah makes me happy.

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