Monday, November 01, 2010

Why, Hello There

Oh blog world...

How I have missed you.

This semester has been, of course, insanely busy. Now that it's November things are finally starting to slow down and I'm getting into the groove. It only took 2 months. Ha!

I should be writing a paper for class. Instead I'm going to procrastinate with a picture update of what I've been up to since the trip. After all, this blog isn't just about travel...

I've been:
In July: Hanging with my beloved.

In August: Watching him perform as much as I can... he is really amazing.

Also in August: Relaxing in Lewiston, watching our nephew grow, and finding out we've got a niece coming!

 One more time in August: Hanging with Funktion in Hoxeyville

 In September: Taking the dogs out for their last warm weather walks and enjoying the last days of summer.

 And of course in September: Setting up the classroom for another year!

In October: Powderpuff with my senior girls through their last homecoming (and my last year as a class advisor).

Also in October: Taking the dogs out through an October heat wave. YES!

 My favorite part of October: Camping with my best friends and taking in Michigan's fall beauty

And of course, let's not forget the best holiday ever... Halloween with A.J. (who loves Halloween just as much as I do!)

That about does it. I've been cooking a lot so I'll probably be posting some recipes soon. I'll be presenting at the National Council for Teachers of English conference in Orlando in three weeks so I'll have some good stories to share about that (even though part of me would rather be here that weekend). Then I will be planning for my next big adventure to the Philippines in the summer of 2011 to see and write about my roots. I just figured... since I've got all of my shots and everything...

Peace and love,

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