Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Students of Mame Yelli Badiane

Mame Yelli Badiane
I don't exactly know how to describe the students' counterparts at Mame Yelli Badiane. They are welcoming, great Wolof teachers, hilarious, and altogether positive. They deal with a lot of the same things as our students as well as things our students will never experience. I suppose it goes both ways, right?

Here they are. I will fill in more information about them as I get it from them and our perceptive UYFA students. I am working on interviewing them in broken Wolof. It is an interesting experience. Thank goodness that they only giggle about my language attempts after I walk away. :)

Khady Co

Binetou Tall

Fatima Fall

Sidy Mandian

Soda Diop

Codou Gueyg

Taya Mouhamed

Samba Balde

Ame Sow

More to come... give me a few days...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful people. What an opportunity for all the students involved in this. Hope to do this sometime too!

Mr. Weber said...

I don't want to seem judgmental, but the Americanisms in their posing and dress worry me. I can't help but see so much dysfunction in our kids that they learn because of the dominant culture and I hope that it doesn't carry over to these kids. On the other hand, it looks like a good group.

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