Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Time Machine: 1996

Summer Journal, 1996

July 7th, 1996
2 people making out under the tree for 2 hours is not my idea of fun. That's how it was today in our very own backyard. I swear, I'm never going to do that. It was incredibly disgusting. AND that girl was a slut. We were yelling all this crap to them and they wouldn't stop.

July 13th, 1996
We went to the Kochville family picnic yesterday. It was really dark, and when the sun started to set, it was like someone turned a light on. And then it started to rain and there was a double rainbow. It was so beautiful. Soft sunlight lit up the whole field while it rained and we were running around in it.

I thought making out was disgusting? "Incredibly disgusting," to quote myself. I called a girl a slut when she was probably just trying to get away from her parents for a few minutes? Geez. Private school made me kind of haughty. I still remember seeing those teens making out in the park behind our house. It looked like they were suffocating each other... traumatic.

On the other hand, I can still remember running around in the rain during that church picnic. The light was so pretty that sometimes it seems like that memory is a dream. Since it was documented I guess it really happened. I love the feeling of summer.


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