Friday, January 13, 2012


This week I started attacking the following goals (with fervor, if I do say so myself):

1. Indoor triathlon
I signed up for the Borgess Indoor Triathlon at the end of February.

5. Play the piano in front of people.
Because I am a major procrastinator, I practiced the piano last night instead of grading papers. It's been a while and my fingers got tired after about twenty minutes. Man! I used to be able to play for an hour! My fingers need to start bench pressing.

7. Have a conversation in French or Wolof.
I got an iphone a few weeks ago and the app MindSnacks French has been occupying my time for the last two weeks. A lot of French is coming back to me from the last two summers and with it, Wolof. I think the MindSnacks app is supposed to be for kids, but I am loving it!

21. Get chosen for one more summer fellowship.
I started my application for a summer institute through the National Endowment for the Humanities and turned in my application (right on the deadline, of course) for the American Councils for International Education India Summer Teacher Program. I was chosen as an alternate for the India program last summer, so I'm hoping they remember me this year. The NEH applications are due by the beginning of March, so if you're a teacher and you want to expand your horizons this summer I encourage you to apply for a summer institute or seminar!

26. Learn to flip turn when I'm swimming laps.
I started somersaulting in the water in between swimming laps yesterday. This prompted me to realize that A) I need new goggles and B) I have no core strength.

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Sarah said...

I really hope you are chosen for the India program. It is on my top five places I've always wanted to visit! What an amazing list!

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