Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Indoor Triathlon #2: Continuing my Journey on the Road to Badassness

In spite of my injury, I completed the Bronson IronBac indoor triathlon on Saturday and improved all of my distances except biking. It was hard and I wanted to throw up four times, but my competitive spirit won out and I kicked ass despite horrible early allergies/a cold and a sore right shoulder. 
I wanted to fall off of this bike, but Girl Talk kept me going. Note to self: Do not bike fifteen miles before a race when you don't normally bike fifteen miles, no matter how good it feels.

There were 3 awesome things about this indoor triathlon:
1. I was in a swim lane next to a girl on a college swim team. She was all muscle. Of course, she swam 77 lengths while I swam 41, but then, THEN, we biked and ran the exact same distance. I biked and ran the same distance as a well-trained 22 year old college athlete! I felt pretty good about myself.

2. I beat a guy who looked to be in better shape than me. I passed him on the track around lap 12/19 and felt pretty good about myself times two. Then, THEN I heard the slap of his shoes on the ground as he sprinted to pass me. "Hells no," I thought as I sprinted almost all of the rest of the laps (hence the wanting to throw up). He never passed me.
This is after the guy didn't pass me. Notice the wicking material I said I would purchase. It worked.

This is the song that got me all pumped up to pass guys:
3. Last but not least, I won a Saffron gift certificate in the raffle and got a free sports massage afterwards. I wasn't expecting raffle prizes and a massage and it was a welcome surprise.

All in all, it was a great weekend even though I didn't cross off a new goal on The List. Since I'm addicted to being sporty now, I signed up for one more indoor triathlon in April. After that, grad class will be over and I will be able to devote more time to training for my first outdoor tri on June 2nd. :)

Right now my training schedule looks like this:
Sunday: 25 minutes swimming, biking, and running
Monday: 30 minutes swimming (and yes, sometimes I do 50 minutes of water aerobics for fun)
Tuesday: 30 minutes bike, 30 minutes run, weight training
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 45 minutes bike, 40 minutes swim
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Yoga, weight training
After the semester is over, I am going to seriously follow a schedule from beginnertriathlete.com until the end of the summer.

We'll see where this Road to Badassness takes me. Hopefully I don't hurt myself. 

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