Sunday, April 29, 2012

Training Update

Had a great weekend, but I've still got that pile of grading so I'm just going to post my training review and my plan for week 2:

Week 1 of 6
Monday: 21 minute swim, 42 minute bike: Done indoors.
Tuesday: 21 minute run, weight lifting and core workout: Done indoors and outside. The run ended up being around 40 minutes. I ran to the gym to lift weights and ran home.
Wednesday: Off... I've got a final exam for my graduate class! I got out of class early and could have finished Thursday's swim, but I ate pizza and ice cream sandwiches instead. :)
Thursday: 35 minute swim, 28 minute run: Done indoors.
Friday: 70 minute bike: Didn't get done. I stayed at school getting ready for the Oppression Awareness Conference with my students until 7. Meh. The conference turned out great though, so it was worth it!!!
Saturday: Off: Oppression Awareness Conference. One of the highlights of my school year (see below).
Sunday: 35 minute run: Did the 70 minute bike from Friday AND the run! Outside! I'm beat!

One day I'll write a post about what happens when you work with 3 independent study students who spend a year planning a conference on social justice for their peers and facilitate the whole thing. What happens is this amazing and proud teacher-y (yes, teacher-y) feeling that every teacher yearns to feel all the time. You can't really see it, but I'm actually glowing here. 

Plan for Week 2 of 6
Monday: 21 minute swim, 42 minute bike
Tuesday: 21 minute run, weight lifting and core workout
Wednesday: 21 minute swim
Thursday: 28 minute run
Friday: 42 minute bike
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Borgess 5k- Goal: Finish in under 30 minutes

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