Monday, May 28, 2012

Self-Portrait Saturday/Triathlon Training/Birthday Weekend Super Update!

Let's begin this massive insta-update...

1. Saturday Self-Portrait: Birthday Weekend Edition

In case you haven't noticed, I'm the happiest when I'm playing outside. The first picture is from after a training run. The second is from lounging around on the grass with my lil' Nipsy. 

2. Camping! Summer is on, it's SO ON.
Playing outside with a plastic bat and a super ball followed by tetherball. My friends are the best.  
Guitar singing followed by reading the dirty parts of Fifty Shades of Grey around the fire with emotion
One dog. One string of drool. No towel. 
Attempting to use one of our dogs as a pillow. 
Ladder ball in the dark.
Wet cooler birthday cake! Ah well, it's the thought that counts. And what a sweet thought it was.
Hannah Bear dug a spot under the trailer because she had too much camping fun.  
Toffee almonds and sister love. I ate almost the whole bag... worth it.
I did not get to swim across Rose Lake this weekend. Between the white caps and the boat traffic I decided I wanted to live to celebrate my 30th birthday. ;) I've got all summer!

3. Training Update: Week 5 of 6
Ahhhh! We are one week out from the tri!
Monday: 21 minute swim, 42 minute bike- Got it done thanks to D-Webb, the best training partner ever. 
Tuesday: 23 minute run- Done on a trail. I think I'm going to keep trail running on Tuesdays. It just flows, ya know? "Trail Run Tuesday?" I ended up running for 35 minutes. It was just so beautiful outside!
Wednesday: 77 minute bike- I rode to the lake by our house, practiced in the open water, and rode home. The swim was about 15 minutes long and the bike took 80 minutes. I also did something embarrassing that you can read about here.
Thursday: 31 minute run, 39 minute swim- The run happened outside in 88 degree weather. Whew!!! The swim happened inside and it was fabulous. 
Friday: Off- I didn't do anything on this day except take a nap, eat a vegan oatmeal whoopie pie, and see The Hubs play a show later in the evening. It was a great Friday!!
Saturday: Off- I ran for 35 minutes around our camping area. It was hard to want to run once I got to the campsite and saw my cooler sitting there and calling my name. However, I did it!
Sunday: 39 minute run- This didn't happen. It was rainy and blah outside.
Monday: 14 minute swim, 28 minute bike- Part of this happened. I practiced open water swimming for 20 minutes. Much more refreshing than sweating in 95 degree heat! And guess what?!?! I'm 29 now!!!! WOOOO!!!! This is gonna be the best year ever!

The Plan: Week 6 of 6 AKA THE WEEK BEFORE THE TRI!!!!!!!
I am attempting to taper this week. I've never tapered before and it seems odd to cut way back but I'm going to try it out so I don't injure myself. I want to ensure that I'm totally ready. 
Tuesday: 30 minute run
Wednesday: 46 minute bike, 14 minute run
Thursday: 19 minute run, 30 minute easy swim
Friday: Relaxing and eating some carbs (any suggestions on night before race meals?)
Saturday: IT'S HERE!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I'm so excited.
Sunday: I'll be resting from kicking so much ass. 

Two weeks left until the end of the school year. I am about to be crushed by a crazy mountain of grading. I need to mentally prepare myself for the amount of grading I'm about to do. On the bright side... by the end of the week I hope I will be able to say that I finished a sprint triathlon! Woo!

Now I need some help: What do you do to get ready for a triathlon? What do you eat the night before? For breakfast? What is something I need that I might not know I need?


(christine) said...

Happy Birthday! Glad to see it looks like your weekend was excellent!

do_it_ajen said...

Thanks Christine! It was a great birthday!

Kari said...

I forgot sunscreen! So glad I had a nice lady offer me hers. And happy birthday, your beautiful!!

do_it_ajen said...

Thanks Kari!!! I just put sunscreen in my bag!!!!

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