Sunday, May 13, 2012

Training Update

Week 3 of 6 AKA The Week I SUCKED!
Monday: 21 minute swim, 42 minute bike: Done indoors
Tuesday: 21 minute run, weight lifting and core workout:
This is when my week got complicated because of the Salomon Trail Run Tour. We met up with the Salomon truck at a local trail and I tried on what I thought were these beauts. We embarked on our trail run in a pair of sample shoes. About a mile in, my arches started hurting. I ignored it. Around the end of mile 2, I felt like KNIVES were STABBING my arches. I think my friend Joe thought I was over-exaggerating because I took in a sharp intake of breath every time my foot hit the path. 
I was like Elton at min 1:11 in this video. It really hurt. 

I wondered if you had to pay for the sample shoes if you bled through the footbeds. Thankfully it was only a 3 mile run and when it was over, I sat down to take the shoes off. I was laughing deliriously because of the pain in my arches. The shoes came off and I definitely bled through my socks. The Salomon reps felt horrible, but I told them I should have been fitted instead of running in the first pair of shoes that felt good while standing. I've been dealing with the consequences since Tuesday night. I would post a picture, but I hate feet with a passion.
Wednesday: 28 minute run, 35 minute swim: No run. Swam for 45 minutes instead.
Thursday: Off for parent-teacher conferences: Didn't do anything except develop shin splits from walking all weird-like on my damaged feet because I just had to wear high heels so I could look professional. Ha.
Friday: 70 minute bike: Went out of town. Ate whatever I wanted. Kept walking around on the outside of my feet because Tom's have super high arches and I shouldn't have worn them. Drank a bunch of wine because I was sad about it. Training fail! I have to get it together or I'm gonna hurt myself on June 2nd!
Saturday: Off: Should have done the bike ride here but we babysat the Niece and Nephew instead. Chasing after toddlers is the same as riding a bike for 70 minutes, right?
Sunday: 35 minute run: My feet are mostly healed so I slapped on some band-aids under my socks and got it done. I even went for 45 minutes instead of 35. Then we rode bikes to get a fatty--yet delicious--deep dish pizza. 

Basically over the last two weeks I've started off really well and ended each week horribly. I've got to get it together!! I know I said that last week, but I am 3 weeks out from my first outdoor sprint triathlon and I HAVE to make it through without crying, hurting myself from a lack of training, or negative self-talk.
This could be me in three weeks after not only a 5k (this is pic from last week), but a swim and a bike ride.  I have to get moving. 
Plan for Week 4 of 6 AKA The Week Jen Gets it Together. Is there a pill besides Xanax for "getting it together" and if so can I have one of yours?
Monday: 21 minute swim, 42 minute bike
Tuesday: 23 minute run (on the trail again because I will CONQUER it), weight lifting and core workout
Wednesday: 39 minute swim (the weather is supposed to be awesome, so I'm hoping to go for an open water swim)
Thursday: 31 minute run, but I might bike if my knees are hurting me.
Friday: 77 minute bike
Saturday: Off, but I will do anything I miss on Thursday or Friday. I also get to chaperone prom on this day! This is my favorite part of Senior Season besides watching them walk across the stage.
Sunday: 39 minute run

I think I've totally got this.


Kari said...

Okkkk crossing Salamon trail runners off my list and backing away slowly. I have NEVER heard of a pair of shoe's making someone bleed that bad. I'm so sorry. And you didn't do bad in your training, gah we are so hard on ourselves! Hi and thanks for the follow. I'm excited to get to know you!:)

do_it_ajen said...

Haha, I can't believe they hurt me! They felt so light... at first. Then they felt like horrible weights with knives in them.

I like reading about everything you do! Inspiration!

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