Monday, June 10, 2013

Training Plan Week One

Got through my first triathlon of the season! 
I came in second in my new age group and was four minutes faster than last year, but... hurt. 

I need a training and eating plan to prep for my next sprint triathlon on June 29th. Honestly, I'm feeling A) out of shape and B) fat. I say "fat" not to be self-deprecating. My joints are creaking from carrying the extra ten-- or is it fifteen?-- pounds I gained while eating my feelings and finishing my Master's. I'm a curvy girl and always will be, but I refuse to be a knee aching, hip-hurting, lower back pain suffering curvy girl. Not gonna happen. I started thinking a lot about this sore joints issue after reading this article about Athena triathletes

This week, I'm going back to clean eating and sticking to a training plan. Clean eating can be really hard for me because I have an intense love of candy, but I'm going to try to be clean because I've got to lose this pain. 

Here is this week's training plan:
Monday: 23 swim
Tuesday: 46 bike
Wednesday: 31 swim, 62 bike
Thursday: 31 run
Friday: 39 swim
Saturday: 5K and 36 mile bike to South Haven
Sunday: Off! 

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