Friday, February 21, 2014

Static Directions: Thoughts on My Overloaded Hardrive and Mind

As I've settled into life outside of the classroom (which is TOTALLY different and lovely and still technically teaching but not as stressful), I've come to realize that since I'm not ignoring everyone I love and putting blood, sweat, and tears into making awesome daily lesson plans spending all of my time outside of school writing lesson plans and keeping my head above water, I should share a few pieces of the fruit of my research and labor: I'll be posting a resource connected to my multicultural/anti-biased/social justice-- whatever you call it-- way of teaching English once a week/two weeks/month/whenever I feel like it. 

You can have it. And use it. And make it your own. And ask me questions about it if you want. I'm not being sarcastic when I say that I am in love with researching and writing curriculum:
It's like, how many frameworks, lesson plans, and unit plans do you want me to write?  Fer reals.
It's in my future plans for school curriculum domination to work on a book proposal for likeminded English teachers, but I can't keep hoarding this stuff because people want it and I want to give it to them in a neat format. 

So yeah, I've written about school before, but I always tried to avoid it since I was teaching in a school and this blog was a sweet me-haven away from school unless I needed to vent. I'm still going to write about everything I like, but writing lesson plans is one thing I like and I need to share the wealth. 

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BroJoe said...

Ugh. Teaching. Just ugh.

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