Monday, September 08, 2014

The Purge Project: Office Makeover Plans

My office is a blank canvas now and I'm looking forward to turning this space into one that I actually want to hang out in.

I'm looking to do five things to this space to make it my new hang out spot:
1. Find a spot for my owl collection. I've been collecting owls for years-- I think it started with the weird macramé owl that hung in my brother's room when we were growing up. Many of them are vintage, were gifts from family, or came from all over the world:

2. Hang some pictures on the walls, in particular...
The green and black Radiohead print pictured above from their 2012 tour.
This Death Cab for Cutie print from their tour with the Magic Magic Orchestra in 2013:

This Radiohead print from their 2008 tour:

My favorite concert poster...this Modest Mouse print from their 2006 stop in Kalamazoo:
This placemat from Cafe des Deux Moulins in Paris:
 In 2010 we stopped there after the research project in Dakar. I made my colleagues go to every location that could be found from the movie Amelie in and around Montmartre, ending with crème brûlée at Cafe des Deux Moulins. I don't know if they loved it, but I loved it!

4. Get a daybed with more storage for the room that can be used as a bench and will double as a guest bed.
IKEA Brimnes
IKEA Hemnes
5. Paint, possibly this weekend!
I found this amazing website with loads of beautiful color schemes-- Design Seeds
These are the options right now:

Accent wall color... definitely don't have a fireplace!
Slowly, but surely, I'll get this room together! Paint is definitely the most affordable change right now. The frames for posters, materials for another bookshelf, and the daybed will come. 

I'm excited... 

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BroJoe said...

You've inspired me to lie on the couch. I do admire you for doing this though. It's not easy.

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