Monday, November 03, 2014

November Goals: Money and Hard(ish) Abs

Before I get into November, I have to share a few pics from my last day of October:
Party on.
The sexiest costumes on the block. 
That is all. I hope everyone had an EXCELLENT Halloween. 

This is what my November is all about:
1. Sticking to my budget. I NEED to save money. So... no going out to eat this month even though it's my favorite thing in the world to do. Actually, I did budget $100 for going out to eat. I'm going to try and not go at all and then treat the Hubs to a really nice dinner. We'll see how it goes. I'd estimate that I've been going out for dinner three to four times a week, so the going is probably going to be really rough.
2. Getting a hold of my refined sugar cravings and consumption. I'm starting with candy first. I haven't had a piece of candy in five days. It's terrible. The headaches-- ohhhhh the headaches. Frozen blueberries have been my savior. They kind of taste like candy.
3. Getting one to two days of weightlifting and core work in each week. I've got to get rid of this knee and back pain.Today I went to a Tabata class and the instructor yelled really body positive things-- "THIS IS YOUR FIRST CLASS?! YOU'RE A POWERFUL WOMANNNNN!"-- at me while I was trying to do her insane push-up routine. I like her. I shall take her class every Monday and Wednesday.
4. Making sure I'm on a regular cardio routine. Now that my favorite time change has happened, it will be easier to get out of bed. I'm going to make sure I'm in the pool at least twice a week.

I just realized that my November goals make me sound very old. That's okay with me-- I've been feeling so unhealthy lately and I need to get it together before the holidays get into full swing.


Ginny said...

I feel you on the budget thing. I don't know what I did with my money last month. $100.00 would be hard for me which means I clearly love eating out.

I'm doing no fried food for November. I'm already dreaming of french fries and it's only day 3! Best of luck with your November goals :)

Jen said...

Yeah, Ginny... I have no idea how I'm going to survive with only $100 for going out to eat!!! GAH!

I'm doing no white refined sugar this month. Maybe I'll add no fried food too!

Jacqueline Hodges said...

Awww! I'm really hoping that you get around with your knee and back pain the soonest. I'm glad that you're working it with strategy and good exercise, though there are a lot of means and methods that you can employ to be rid of it once and for all. Take care!

Jacqueline Hodges @ Dr. Koziol

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