Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tunes for Tuesday: A Post for Clarence Reid

Clarence Reid died and I'm sad about it. The music he wrote prior to becoming Blowfly is why I think he's awesome, but his dirty songs always make me feel like a middle schooler, even though I didn't know about him until I was in college and the Hubs told me about how much he liked him when he was younger. And to think, I spent middle school listening to stupid Adam Sandler tapes when Blowfly existed. Pshhhhh.

Today's tune for Tuesday isn't one of his nasty songs, it's one of my favorites written by him:
The Hubs and I saw him live a few years ago and we got to meet him. He was still touring and performing in his 70s and he was still good at it. Before he got on stage, I was worried he wouldn't make it, but dang when he was up there, I was impressed. You could tell by watching him that he truly loved performing. He also serenaded me, which has never happened to me before and it made me feel cool. Afterwards, when we sat down to chat with him, he was sweet and kind and weird and I just loved him.

If you've ever been interested in Blowfly, check out the documentary. His story is one that makes me feel all the feelings:

Peace out, Clarence Reid.

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