Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Aw, this is the week. The claws are coming out and the kids are showing their true colors! They are starting to sleep, talk back, complain and sit with blank looks on their faces. Freshman are truly interesting creatures. They are shallow, rude, mean, have bad self-image, are prone to peer pressure, are immature, kind of lazy, moody, loud, self-centered, bad listeners... DANG. They have issues.

Now, now, before you say, "No Jen, not ALL freshman are like that!" I know. I'm talking about 80% of them. You have to admit, even if you are the sweetest kid, you are touched by one of the above sometime. It's really not their fault that they have crazy amounts of hormones gushing through their veins causing them to smell, cry, look awkward and get angry a lot faster than normal people. Of course, they have their sweet moments. It's like they're all bi-polar. One day they're all, "I hate you, you bitch." The next they're like, "You're my favorite teacher!" I don't get it.

4% of the kids I teach will still be f-ed up and go on to 10th grade (or 9.5) acting the same way. It's not their fault that they became f-ed up and can't function in a regular school. However, I still enjoy teaching them because I look forward to the end of the school year. I'm glad I have them for a whole school year because I get to see them change from these immature crazy weirdos into more mature crazy weirdos. They grow into their too long limbs and large facial features, develop some of their own opinions (if you're lucky) and even learn some manners (surprise!). But I'm proud to say that I teach freshman. They are cool.

P.S. OH! The only unfortunate thing about it all is that sometimes I feel myself acting like one. I hate but, sometimes, love how their attitudes (positive and negative) rub off on me.

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