Monday, February 15, 2010

The Winter Blahs and an Update

This winter is rougher on me than others. I've got family stuff coming at me from both sides. I also want to consume mass amounts of comfort food. To use Bruno's lingo... I am slowly committing carbicide.

A co-worker suggested taking Vitamin D. He said it might be the trick to beating my blahs. Can a supplement really make me feel like I've gotten the sun I desperately need? I think the only ticket to beating the blahs may be my ticket to Florida on March 25th. I don't know if I can wait that long!

Yeah, I don't know about that "sunshine in a bottle" claim. But I'm trying it!

Sigh. Now I feel the need to torture myself further by posting an array of images from our beloved Lewiston that cross my mind whenever I'm feeling particularly chilly:
Oh my. It is so beautiful there. It takes your breath away. I'm lucky to have a family of awesome in-laws who love me. 

Back to business.

Trip updates:
-Finished my study abroad application. I hate sharing that I have a latex allergy. Sometimes I feel like that could be used against me... haha.
-I am in the middle of writing a grant to get some cash for the trip. Every little bit helps!
-I submitted a study abroad scholarship application today. 
-I've been meeting with my French tutor (AKA my lovely former student Jill, a bright tenth grader) once a week on Tuesdays. We are currently learning numbers and greetings. I didn't do my homework for tomorrow (bites nails). Parlez lentement... please speak s l o w l y.
-Then I've got French table at my professor's house on Wednesday. 
- Looks like departure will be on June 20th now. We will be gone until July 25th. 
- I've got to schedule revisions with my teammates. The final draft of our research proposal is due on March 10th. 
-Speaking of research, I contacted an PRX (public radio international) producer for info pertaining to a story she did on a street school we'd like to visit. I also googled and internet-stalked the peace corp volunteer interviewed in her story. They both got back to me. This is why I will always love public radio with passion. More to come on our correspondence soon!

Well. That is all. Stay warm. 

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