Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey Miss Mari, Thanks for the Immunizations

Since it's my first time ever traveling out of the country, everything I do is a marvel to me. It's new, fun, and scary... just like learning how to drive. Hopefully I won't get stuck on a bridge during a flash flood like I did during driver's training. I apologize if it's not a marvel to you, but try to think back to the first time you ever went anywhere that required so much prep work. It's a learning experience that I'll never get to repeat (thank god).

These are the immunizations that helpful Mother Mari at WMU's Sindecuse Health Center injected into me last Wednesday:
Yellow Fever
Hepatitis A 
Measles, Mumps, and Rubella 
I got two in my right arm and three in my left arm:

If I could do it again... I wouldn't.

This is what's coming into my bod through a needle next week (or in the next few weeks... my poor arms are still recovering):
H1N1 (no matter how much I refuse to get flu shots because I've never had them, I've gotta get it together)

Many of these immunizations were ones that I should have gotten a few many years ago. Oops! I really do recommend Miss Mari at Sindecuse to anyone in the Kalamazoo area who has to get immunizations for travel. She took her time with me and was very comforting. She even lined up the band aids for me:
Very motherly, if you like hemming and hawing, which I LOVE

My personal favorite immunization isn't in shot form: It's the oral live Typhoid tablets that I had to carry home in a giant cooler. They are resting in our fridge next to the fat free mozzarella until I decide to take them:
Yum! Tastes like a third world disease! I kid, I kid.

Last, but not least, Miss Mari sent my on my merry way with some pills for the road:
1. In my right hand: A giant horse pill sized anti-biotic that will kill any bug normal anti-diarrheal can't kill. I guess it pretty much kills any bug in your body. Cool!
2. In my left hand: A crazy expensive malaria medicine. I'm glad I have insurance. I was going for the mid-priced anti-malaria medicine but when I told her I have mild anxiety I found out that there is a risk for night terrors and psychotic breaks which would be a very uncool experience on another continent. I first heard about memory loss and psychotic breaks from act 3 of a This American Life Episode that scared the shit out of me. That's what I get for listening to NPR. Thank goodness for the comfort of Miss Mari.

That's the most current trip update. I am now happily equipped with my International Certificate of Vaccination, which was the whole purpose of those immunizations in the first place:
Okay, can we leave now? 

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