Monday, May 24, 2010

Head wrapping and still anxious...

Visa? Are you out there? Visa? Ah, well, I hope to see you soon.

Tonight I had a ton of fun learning how to wrap my hair! Special thanks to the beautiful Zarinah and all of her skills and fabrics. I felt beautifully wrapped!

Choosing a fabric to wear with your outfit is like choosing a pair of shoes. 

Katie and Sarah checking it out. 

Zarinah knows what she is doing.

My first wrap!

Cool. I am totally doing this in Mali. Maybe with a light colored fabric the sun won't feel like it is burning my scalp off. 

Katie's bun style wrap.

Yvette's... love the colors!

Sarah had some kind of cool thing going on. It didn't look good on me, but it looked awesome on her!

See what I mean? Eek.

It worked for Yvette though. She looked amazing!

Today it was 90 degrees in Kalamazoo and I felt really nasty and sticky. Today in Mali it was 101 degrees. I need to buck up and get used to this heat!
I don't care about the temperature. I still can't wait to leave.

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Lauren said...

I think you can pull off the head-scarf-look. THe beautiful colours of the African fabrics make pale faces SOOO washed out, but it looks fantastic on anyone with a bit of skin pigment. (Not like me, all my skin pigment is conglomerated in freckles.)

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