Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Saturday night...

... and I'm cleaning the house and chilling with the dogs. I live a life on the edge. I'm also listening to a Baobab Orchestra concert on Give it a listen!

I've checked the mailbox every day for the last week and no Mali visa yet. This doesn't bode well for my natural nervous conditions and Larry David-esque anxiety. I'll just keep waiting and hope it comes back to me before June 21st!

I'm going to be 27 on Friday. I still feel 22.

Let's talk shop for a moment: I started teaching some very exciting curriculum in the second semester of the school year. Although I've been known to complain about teaching ninth grade English four times a day for the last four years, it is also what I've loved about teaching the same class for four years in row. I've learned so much about what works and what doesn't because I've had a lot of time to reflect... I think I taught the Odyssey and Romeo and Juliet about 20 times before I started changing some things around and thinking about what my students (and I) really need. Better late than never!

I've started to lay out next school year and some of the pieces I've been teaching on my new website. I've realized that I really want to focus on cultural studies in my classroom which is what the course outline on my website addresses. I've always shied away from teaching some aspects of cultural studies because I felt like I would be teaching a social studies class, but literature and social studies are inextricably linked, so I think I can justify what I teach. Thank you Socio-Cultural Foundations master's program (seriously, my best fit for a master's program ever).

Anyway, I'm posting my philosophy of teaching prezi for those of you who are curious about how I approach teaching and curriculum in my classroom.

When we get back from our trip, I know I'll have a lot more to add to my course and my prezi!

I'll leave you with this. One of my best friends and most hilarious people in my life is planning a going away party for me. She is going all out, including creating this photo:

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