Sunday, June 13, 2010

Going away party

All right, some people might not think it's necessary to have a going away party for someone who is only going to be gone for 5 weeks. Well, since it is my first time ever traveling abroad I think it is VERY necessary. Plus, who doesn't like a party? Although it was steamy outside, fun was had by all. 

My best friend A.J. is quite the hostess and everyone had a blast in the backyard at her house. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends and family. Unfortunately, my Partner for Life (PFL) couldn't come because he was living the dream and playing gigs all over the state. We are going to try and spend as much time together as possible this week. 

I figured out how to use Picasa today. My picture posts are lookin' up! 

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We find out what is going on with travel tomorrow. My fingers are crossed for good news and no cancellations.

Here's hoping,

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