Thursday, June 10, 2010

Travel Alert- Uh Oh

Over the last two days, we've received reports from the embassy about kidnappings in Southern Mali:

I have a feeling that our trip itinerary is about to change.

I'm worried about the trip getting canceled or the flights changing and me having to contribute my own funds. I have money for the trip, but I don't have money to change my flight! What if the two weeks in Bamako are cancelled? Woah... what if the whole trip is cancelled? I will be so disappointed. 

We are finding out what's happening on Monday. The university's safety commission is meeting to figure out what they want us to do. My poor coordinators! They aren't finding out what is happening until Monday either so they are trying to figure out a plan B with no information. 

I will continue to go with the flow. However, if everything we've been preparing for is cancelled, I don't know what I will do! Ah well, might as well roll with the punches and see what happens!

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