Sunday, March 06, 2011

Dear New Niece

Dear Yet-To-Be-Named-New-Niece (whose name I believe will start with an "A"),

On Friday, I bought this onesie for you from one of my favorite stores downtown:
I searched and searched for something to buy for you that was homemade and not too frilly. Then someone said, "A black onesie? For a girl?" That's when I started thinking about everything I want to tell you. I've created a top ten list of things that I just have to tell you.

1. Girls can wear black. Or red, blue, pink, yellow, purple, brown, cerulean, orange, gray, lime, magenta, silver...

2. I will never buy you anything related to Barbies. I'm sorry, but it's my personal taste and you'll understand someday. Please don't scream at me if we are ever in a toy store and I won't buy you a Barbie. However, I will never say anything rude if you want to play with them. :)

3. You don't have to hate boys to be a feminist. 

4. There is no such thing as "girl activities" or "boy activities." So you can fish with your Dad, read with your Mom, roll in the mud with your dog, play make believe with your brother, cook new recipes with me, start a band with Sam in our basement when you come to visit, spear a sturgeon with your Auntie J, or ride a tractor, listen to Bob Marley, read the paper, sew, garden, and watch sports with your grandparents without worrying about it. 

5. Don't worry about those dumb magazines with all the airbrushed ladies on the cover that you'll see when you're hanging out in the cart at the supermarket. They aren't real. 

6. You have lots of great women around you who have lots to teach you. You can talk to your Mom, your Auntie J, your grandmas, your great-grandma, or me... all in all, you have over 200 years of experience from very smart ladies! You can ask us anything!

7. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want or defend yourself. It's not a bad thing to be tough.  

8. Disney princesses always wait for princes to save them, sing a cool song, or have fun. You don't have to wait. Also, don't forget that princes can be sensitive too. They aren't always rough and gruff. 

9. I am going to start giving you books the moment you are born and I'll never stop, just ask your brother! You will get very far in life if you are well read in many topics and know a lot about the world.

10. You can be anything you want to be. You can even be the president!

That is all, New Niece. I can't wait to meet you. 

Love and kisses,
Aunt Jen

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Sarah Wills said...

Great advice from Aunt Jen! Baby "A" is very lucky to have you as her aunt. You will teach her many valuable lessons in life and how to be a stong woman. I beleive you will also teach Sam how to be a respectful man to women... Love you and can't wait for you to meet her.


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