Friday, June 24, 2011

Back for the summer...

This school year definitely took its toll. You could see the stress of it all over my blog. I found that when I started writing an entry, it was usually negative or sad. Nobody wants to read that, so I stopped for a little while.

Tomorrow, I will officially start blogging about the 2011 trip to Senegal. This year I didn't start blogging a year in advance. Since I am officially "world traveled" I didn't think I had to blog about digging my passport out of it's lock box and going in to get a refill of malaria pills. It was cooler the first time.

Don't fret! I will still have lots of new and exciting things to blog about, mostly because this is my first time taking students across the globe and this is my first time working with organizations to put together a service project. This has been a huge collaboration with plenty of ups and downs. Oh the blogging possibilities.

I will preface my official travel blogging with a video. This is Matador, who is the hip hop artist who started Africulturban, the community center we will be working with while in Senegal. This video got me so excited to leave that I can barely sleep through a whole night.


Click here if you want to read about why this is so important to me.

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