Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Students: A Short Introduction

Meet the 2011 Urban Youth for Africa students.
They are amazing, talented, kind, giving, and introspective young people. I'm lucky that I get to share this experience with them.

"Hip-hop saves."
Age: 18
Expectations: This trip will be fun, worthwhile, and different.

"Live now, live later, and laugh forever."
Age: 18
Expectations: It's going to be a lot of discovery for me. I'm going in with a clear mind. I'm going to conquer anything that comes my way."

"We live by stereotypes and I'm gonna prove all of them wrong."
Age: 18
Expectations: This is going to be a real awesome trip. I hope at the end of it I'm going to be really glad I did this. I want it to blow my mind. 

"Giving back is where it's at."
Age: 18
Expectations: I want to help out, put a smile on someone's face, show them something they've never seen before. I hope to see someone who is independent like me.

"I'm very generous, I will always want to give. I won't think a second about giving to somebody."
Age: 17
Expectations: To teach someone something new. To come back a changed person.

"I'm just a cool person tryin' to figure out new things."
Age: 17
Expectations: To come back as a new woman. I just want a new experience, period. 

"Family is everything and I will not be broken."
Age: 17
Expectations: I want to learn something that nobody here knows.

"I'm a nice person... outgoing too."
Age: 18
Expectations: I'm thinking we are gonna be working a lot, getting to know Africa, and having fun.

There they are. 
Learn more about them and check their personal blog postings here.

Great song. Listen to it and pay special attention to my favorite verse. Even though these aren't my words, part of this verse explains exactly why I became involved in this program in the first place. 

Nas- Can you blame my generation, subjected gentrification,
Depicting their frustrations over ill instrumentation
Cause music is the way to convey to you what I'm facing,
Placing my life in front of your eyes for your observation
Now if you can't relate then maybe you are too complacent,
Athletes today are scared to make Muhammad Ali statements
What's up with your motto?
Will you lead? Will you follow?
Improve your values
Education is real power
I reach em like Bono
So get rid of your self sorrow
Add some bravado

Get wealthy like Wells Fargo
Its truth, that I am you
And I am proof
Surviving through
We do what we gotta do
Yo we could break the cycle let nobody lie to you

Then maybe put our sons and our daughters in private school
Cause there's a mission we gotta finish before we leave
This generation is destined to do historic deeds. 


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Anonymous said...

You have a great group of students! I have had most of them in one class or another. Sending my best to them and to you as everone goes on a new path of self discovery and what an opportunity to share.

Best of luck
Carie Barry

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