Friday, July 01, 2011

We're Here and Safe

After 17 hours of travel, we made it and we are safe. We are getting our bearings. I will write a longer post once we are more settled in. Until then, some pictures:
After two layovers, we were on the plane! Only 8 hours in the air to go. It was the most uncomfortable international flight ever. 

Students meeting Matador at Africulturban for the first time. So tired!

Cebu Djen at Africulturban. Delicious!

Amelia figuring out how to communicate with her counterparts. 

Urban Youth for Africa and the students at Mame Yelli Badiane School

The view of the street from our house.

Stairs... we've got three stories here.

James sleeping in one of the common areas.

Where I slept this afternoon. Breezy. 

The view from the top of our house. 

Our common eating and study area. 

It's nice to be back here with such great people. My stomach and my internal clock will be more on point by Sunday. I'm going to go memorize some Wolof.

Jamm (Peace),

1 comment:

Mr. Weber said...

Tell Cranny that "The Web-master" is watching! I like your accommodations! I doubt that you're there much though...

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