Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Last Indoor Tri of the Season

On Sunday I finished my last indoor tri of the season. I had my best times yet even though I didn't flip turn. I jumped into the pool at the YMCA and it was one of those pools that go from super shallow to deep. BOO! I was afraid I would hit my head on the bottom of the pool so I decided to hold off on the flip turns this season. Next year, shallow pool, next year.

Unfortunately, I've been extremely sore since Sunday. I really pushed it on the run. I stuck to 7-8mph for the full twenty minutes. Around the 18 minute mark I felt like throwing up and understood why people hate running on treadmills. I mentally yelled at those stupid strawberry Clif Shot Bloks I ate in between the bike and run because they were making me feel queasy. I don't know if I can get used to eating or drinking anything but water on these long workouts. But maybe those weird gel blocks were the reason I was able to push it?

I usually baby my knee and aim for ten minute miles (6mph) when I'm running, but this time everyone in my heat was really fit and I wanted to keep up so I pushed it. My knee doesn't hurt but my hamstrings are aching! I've been so active lately that I didn't think I'd be so sore. Maybe I didn't stretch enough before and after? I'm learning as I go and taking a few days off this week. I'll be back at it Thursday to continue training for my first outdoor tri.
Oh yeahhhh. First pair of padded bike shorts ever. Badass.
For this tri, I'd like to thank the song "I'm Sexy and I Know It" for playing on my ipod at the exact moment I wanted to throw up on the treadmill. The beat made me feel like I was sexy even though I was sweating, holding puke in, and bouncing all over the place:
Danielle said no ipods at USAT events. All of the tris I signed up for are USAT events! How will I survive?!?!?!?!

Here are the results of my first season of trying to be fit:
1. Borgess Indoor Tri (my 1st ever): Swim: 40 lengths (62.2) Exercise Bike: 6.4 miles (64) Treadmill: 2.1miles (33.075)
Total Score: 159.275
2. IronBac: Swim: 41 lengths (63.76) Exercise Bike: 6.03 miles (60.3) Track: 19 laps (59.38)
Total Score: 183.43
3. Trizelle Indoor Tri: Swim: 41 lengths (63.76) Spin Bike: 7.5 miles (75) Treadmill: 2.43 miles (38.27)
Total Score:177.028

Even though my highest score was at #2, I think my best was #3. I felt great afterwards and I ran the most!

For the next six weeks I'm going to work from a triathlon training plan from Beginner Triathlete. It's the Original 13 Week Sprint Training Plan. I'm going to start on week 8 and go from there. If you have any other suggestions for training, please share! 

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