Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Summer of George, er, Jen

Spring break was not as disappointing as I'd anticipated (due to Direct Air's idiocy) because I got to hang out with my hubs and my niece and nephew. They can brighten any cancelled trip to the beach. Now I'm back with my students and I feel quite rested.
My blurry lil' bestie. Love him and he makes me feel like I'm famous!
I found out that I didn't get the other summer fellowship I'd applied for. I could have been all depressed about it, but instead I signed up for two more outdoor triathlons. I'm not sure if I'll even like outdoor triathlons because I haven't even finished my first yet, but here is the schedule for the summer... so far!
June 1: The Double Time Triathlon in Three Rivers, Michigan
June 24: Tri Goddess Tri (all ladies!) in Ann Arbor, Michigan
July 7: Inter-Rockin Triathlon in Interlochen, Michigan

I was, also, maybe, sorta kinda of kicking around the idea of a 5k swim? Perhaps the Swim to the Moon open water swim on August 12 in Ann Arbor? I'm gettin' all crazy up in here!

AND I've got a great professional development opportunities for June and August... The Allied Media Conference in Detroit in June and a 10 day anti-racism/anti-bias workshop for teachers in August. This summer I am going to explore some future career/education possibilities so I keep myself fresh and I don't burn out. Did I mention that I'll be writing my master's thesis throughout my summer as well?

PLUS, the hubs and I were kicking around the idea of a trip to California to visit friends and see my grandparents. If that doesn't happen, we'll be spending a lot of time on the lake. In fact, I think I'm going to swim across it.

I've decided to declare this the Summer of Jen and it's going to be awesome.
It's like the Summer of George but with more hair! And estrogen! 

It's my last indoor triathlon of the season this Sunday and I might have a little surprise up my sleeve. A flip-turny surprise. Muahaha.


Kristin Miller said...

My beach vaca got cancelled this week too! (24 hours notice....ugh.) I had to fight really hard for my NYC Teaching Fellowship, and it came with TONS of drama. You'll get the right placements for you, and look back at this (triathlons conquered) and laugh. Plus, I went to the Hamptons this week, very "george" of me :-D

do_it_ajen said...

Kristin are you teaching right now? High school or elementary?

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