Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Earworm Wednesday

I've got a lot on my mind this week. My senior students have a huge project due, I'm trying to fit my training in, I'm looking at job prospects and feeling stressed about it, and I haven't cleaned the house in awhile because I'm never home. I feel bad leaving all of that on the Hubs. Thankfully, he is (mostly) cool with it. I can't wait for summer.

This leads me to my weekly earworm. This song has been in my head because I feel like I'm losing my mind (not going crazy losing my mind, just losing it like I can't think). Every time I do something empty headed this song just pops into my head. It's a good thing too because it's one of my favorites:
Where is my mind? I dunno. I think I left it at the beach. 

After swim training last week Thursday, I left my nice goggles and cap in the shower and forgot about them until Sunday. By the time I realized they weren't in my gym bag and called the gym they were gone. THEN, I left my bike helmet on top of my car after my long Friday ride and it's gone. I didn't even hear it fall off of my car. $50 later I have goggles, a cap, and a helmet again but money doesn't grow on trees! GEEZ!

Here's hoping things shape up over the last three weeks of school, that I find my mind, and that I don't lose everything in my gym bag.


Ashton Belle said...

Cute blog!

Ashton from:

do_it_ajen said...

Thanks Ashton! Yours is really cute too :)

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