Sunday, May 20, 2012

Training Update (Complete with Chafing!)

Week 4 of 6 AKA The Week I Got it Together
Monday: 21 minute swim, 42 minute bike: Done AND a lady in the locker room told me that she wants to swim like I do "when she grows up." It made my night and fueled my workouts for the rest of the week. 
Tuesday: 23 minute run: This became a 30 minute run on the trail but I didn't do my core workout. I still kicked the trail's ass and my arches stayed in tact thanks to my Brooks shoes. Had some microbrew and a maple bacon sucker afterwards from a new store in town. Yum!
My trail running bud Joe and I found some wild asparagus after our run. This piece would have tasted too tough because it's freakin' huge!
Hold the phone. Bacon in a sucker?!?!?! Salty and sweet goodness.
Wednesday: 39 minute swim: No open water swim today because I got paranoid about the water around here. It hasn't been tested yet and I don't want to get e coli from the duck poo! Hiked around with the dogs and did a 70 minute bike instead.
Thursday: 31 minute run: Completed the run outside, did the core workout I missed on Tuesday, and added 60 minutes of swimming to make up for missing the swim on Wednesday. This was my most badass day this week.
Friday: 77 minute bike: Done after work with my workout bud. Surprisingly, it was more satisfying to be active after a long work week than it was to go straight to happy hour. I'm going to stay on the train of celebrating happy feelings (like Fridays) with a combination of activity AND food and drink. 
The best company to have on a long ride after a long week is another teacher.
Saturday: Off: Went to the beach and threw a frisbee at a dog for a few hours. 
Sunday: 39 minute run: Done outside in 90 degree heat! I used my water belt for the first time so I could keep myself hydrated. I ran straight into the water afterwards and it was the(.) best(.) feeling(.) I've had in a long time. Period.

I wish every week were like this week work-wise, training-wise, weather-wise and fun-wise. It was spectacular!

The only thing that sucked (and it's not that bad) is that I wore running shorts for today's run because it was so hot. My thighs looked and felt like they were eating the shorts (I had to keep retrieving them from my butt like a fourth grader picking a wedgie) and my thighs rubbed together so much that I have some major chafage. It hurts!


I'm at my goal weight so I'm not about to try to lose more just so my thighs won't touch. These babies are gonna touch for the rest of my life. Should I get some Body Glide? Is there something cheaper? Should I wear spandex shorts? How do you prevent the dreaded thigh chafing? I'm not about to run down the street on a hot day picking wedgies for four miles ever again. That ish was embarrassing and I'm glad I was running in the country where only a few people saw me. ;)

Plan for Week 5 of 6 AKA The Week I Will Continue Getting it Together
I'm going to do a modification of Week 4's workouts. I'll be camping for Memorial Day (and my 29th birthday) on the weekend, so this will end up looking a lot different, but I'm going to get it done!
Monday: 21 minute swim, 42 minute bike
Tuesday: 23 minute run
Wednesday: 77 minute bike
Thursday: 31 minute run, 39 minute swim 
Friday: Off 
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 39 minute run 

After this week it's one week of tapering and THEN it's time for my first sprint triathlon! Oh. Em. Gee. Am I going to make it? Probably!


Casey said...

I wear spandex under my running shorts/skirts when it's hot. I learned that lesson the hard way :(

Sloan said...

Iron Woman! You are such an inspiration. Maybe I will join Planet Fitness, wake up early to walk the dogs, and do laps in my own pool. :)

do_it_ajen said...

Casey, I'm on it... as soon as this rash heals. :/ Thanks for the tip!!!

Sloan! Do it up!

Kari said...

You'll make it, absolutely make it! I rarely wear shorts. I get to work outside in Phoenix Arizona. I learned a long time ago, heat wear from Nike and Under Armour actually help combat the heat even if it seems like it shouldn't. So compression capri's for me. But if you REALLY want to wear shorts, it sounds like these may have been to big?? It could have been the seams of your shorts rubbing on your thighs and not your thighs at all. Thats happened to me a couple times. And when I gotta grab out of my butt its usually because the capri or shorts are to big for me now. So maybe a smaller size?

David Haas said...

I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

do_it_ajen said...

Thanks for the advice Kari! I'm really new to this and I've heard of compression capri's but I haven't tried them yet. That will be my next thing to buy! My shorts are probably too big. I'm transitioning into some smaller sizes and I sometimes don't believe that I'm wearing a medium instead of an XL. :)

Kristin Miller said...

I can't wear "tempo shorts" although I'm a smallish person my thighs will always rub Adidas makes my favorite 6 inch shorts!

Jen H said...

Thanks for the suggestion Kristin! I am googling those shorts right now. :)

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