Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Nice Having a Nice Hubs

The following pictures illustrate why I love the hubs so much.

Exhibit A: 
He bought me a birthday cake and tried to keep it cool for me. I don't know if he did it because he knows how much I love cold cake (I'm going to pretend he knew). But then tragedy hit: The ice in the cooler melted onto my cake!

Exhibit B:

He stuck the candles into a hotdog bun that worked as a replacement cake. But then he threw THAT "cake" onto the fire because...

Exhibit C: 
Someone rushed to the rescue with a muffin birthday cake. He lit the candles and voila! Birthday fun ensued. And yes, that is a mallard on my sweatshirt.

Exhibit D: Meh, this isn't really evidence. We're just cute in this picture.
 He's really nice to me. I'm a lucky lady.

Ohhhhh love. It's sweet like an attempted hotdog bun/chocolate muffin birthday cake.

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