Sunday, May 20, 2012

Self-Portrait Saturday... Sunday Edition

Yesterday was a reminder of how awesome life is, so my Self-Portrait Saturday post is a day late. 
Worth it!
Saturday's self-portrait is sprinkled in between a few other pictures of my awesome day. Yesterday, I woke up early to take full advantage of a gorgeous Michigan Saturday. I headed to the farmer's market with family, got my produce (and some goodies) for the week, hit up a few garage sales, and got breakfast. 
Never mind taking photos of the kale, spinach, mushrooms, and fresh eggs I purchased from the farmer's market. I got a soft molasses cookie and some great garage sale records. Day complete.
Four different kinds of benedicts: Homemade corned beef, ham, bacon and spinach, tomato and artichoke.  We titled this picture "Benedict Porn." 
Then I headed home to do laundry, grade, and clean. But why do chores on a 88 degree day in May? I said "pissshhawwww" to chores and headed to Lake Michigan to indulge in sunshine, microbrews, sand, and ice cold lake water.
I was dog sitting Gaia while my babies were out of town.  She can barely move today but we had a blast!
Beer portrait: Just one Short's Controversiale and I'm a happy girl.
I got home from the lake with 20 minutes to spare until my prom dinner date with Danielle. I quickly rinsed the sand off, curled my hair, slapped on some lip gloss, and headed downtown to chaperone the prom.
Self-portrait: A slight duck lip makes my hair look better, right? 
I may be a jeans, converse, and t-shirt wearing gal but I LOVE getting dressed up-- prom was the perfect opportunity to wear my cool H&M dress with nude heels. One of my students said, "You look like you belong in a Nicolas Spark's movie." Compliment? I'm going to take it as a compliment because that means Ryan Gosling is somewhere in the mix and that makes me happy.
Reminded me of the lace on my wedding dress. Can't wait to wear this again!

Classic dress. Classic balloon arch.
A bird's eye view of prom, although I wouldn't want to be an actual bird stuck in the mass that was the dance floor.

Want to relive your prom? No? You can have a piece of the class of 2012's. 
All in all, it was a charmed day. Weekends like this make it hard for me to get anything productive (chores, grading, decision-making, and lesson plans) done. However, I would argue that I was extremely productive at having a great time.


dana @ wonder forest said...

love your selfie and all the other shots!!!
xo dana

do_it_ajen said...

Thanks Dana! So glad I found your blog... I love it!

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