Sunday, May 06, 2012

Training Update

Week 2 of 6
Monday: 21 minute swim, 42 minute bike: Done indoors
Tuesday: 21 minute run, weight lifting and core workout: I did the run indoors for 30 minutes instead of 21 minutes.
Wednesday: 21 minute swim: I took today off because my classroom was 82 degrees all day and I felt sick when I got home. I was also overcome with general malaise. 
Thursday: 28 minute run: I didn't run... I swam for 45 minutes instead. My coach had me doing sprints and it hurt. 
Friday: 42 minute bike: I didn't do this! I got lazy this week. I'll be back on the saddle this week. 
Saturday: Off: I took it off, but I also went to neighborhood garage sales and walked around for an hour  carrying my finds. That must be some sort of work-out. 
My latest favorite pre-workout breakfast

Sunday: 35 minute run: I rode my bike to the Kalamazoo Marathon site from our house, ran the 5k in 27:16, cheered on my buddies in the half-marathon, and rode my bike home. I also took the dogs on a two mile walk in the woods because the weather was so beautiful today!

Start of the race... TONS of people!
                                                              Exhibit A                                                      Exhibit B

End of the race... I don't take normal pictures when I'm excited.

Exhibit A: I heart pickles and there was a pickle table at the finish line. Happiness ensued.
Exhibit B: My student and I were extremely happy that we reached our time goals so we ate a few more delicious pickles. Hilarity ensued.

Ended the day with my babies on the trail. Lilacs are blooming on every path and everything looks and smells fresh. Michigan is so lovely right now.
Here is the plan for this week...
Plan for Week 3 of 6
Monday: 21 minute swim, 42 minute bike
Tuesday: 21 minute run, weight lifting and core workout
Wednesday: 28 minute run, 35 minute swim
Thursday: Off for parent-teacher conferences -_-
Friday: 70 minute bike
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 35 minute run


webberd said...

I get to do some of these workouts with you now!

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