Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Earworm Wednesday: Hurt the Dirt Trail Run Recap

Last Saturday I ran my first 5k trail run. It was hot, but awesome! I decided after this race that I'm not going to do regular 5k runs ever again. I'm going to stick to trail runs and themed runs (like a zombie run or a color run).
After the race with my weekly running/burger/beer buddy, Joe. I changed my shirt because my blue one was soaked.
To avoid a mouth-breather race pic, I promptly closed my mouth when I saw the camera:
Hi, I'm uncomfortable because I can't breathe!
See that girl behind me? She was trying to beat me but it didn't work. Bwahaha. I got to the finish line with a bunch of guys. The last 100 sprint was between a guy and me. I yelled out "DAMMIT!" as he passed me and he laughed. We high-fived at the finish line, so all's well that ends well.

The craziest thing about this race is the Facebook message I got from Joe on Sunday morning:
I quickly went onto the website and this is what I saw!
Yeah! See that!?! Second place in my age group! Plus, I was the oldest one and I still beat some ladies! The ladies in the next age group were a lot faster than us, but I don't care! I placed and won a gift certificate! It's going towards new running shoes. I don't know when new running shoes are in order, but I've been using my Brooks for a year and the bottoms are looking kind of worn.

For some reason, this song came into my head while I was in my celebratory mood:

This Sunday is the Tri Goddess Tri and I am PUMPED! I'm going to do this race in a sausage casing-esque tri suit and clip in pedals! I'm moving up in the world. I'm aiming for a meme-worthy performance:

I'll tell you how it goes next week!


Hi, I'm Kerri said...

Good Work! Sounds like it was fun and good work on the placing!! Looking good.

do_it_ajen said...

Thanks Kerri! It was a blast!

Kristin Miller said...

Great job! A trail run always scares me because I trip over EVERYTHING...and I live in a concrete city...sticks are my worst nightmare!!! Will you do another?

do_it_ajen said...

Thanks Kristin! I think I'm definitely going to do another one. The hardest part about it was the downhills because they were littered with super knobby roots! I'm definitely thinking a 10k. They have half marathon trail runs around here too, but I'm going to pass on those!

Are there ever runs that go through parks in NYC?

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