Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Earworm Wednesday: Damien Rice

Last night I had my weekly Tuesday trail run followed by five dollar burger night at one of my favorite places in town. One of the best parts of five dollar burgers is that sometimes there are bands playing while I eat my deliciously juicy and cheap burger with a side of portabella fries. Music and five dollar burgers? I mean, come on! Why aren't you running with us and then getting in on the burger action? You should!

The problem with a band playing in the background of my meat noshing is that sometimes they play really bad covers. Yesterday, the band busted out Volcano by Damien Rice. I was pumped when I heard the first chords. I forgot about Damien Rice! I was so obsessed with his music a few years ago. (Does anyone else remember the movie Closer with Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Clive Owen, and Julia Roberts?) Then the the dude started singing it and it reminded me of those girls who post videos on YouTube of themselves singing Adele while alone in their rooms. Yes, I sing to karaoke tracks on YouTube with the best of them, but, come on! Some things should just stay between you and the universe. 

As I stomped through the front door yelling to the Hubs about why a bad cover band gets under my skin, I started thinking about another Damien Rice song that has been in my head all day: 

Great song. FWP resolved!

I've been back in town for three full days of working on lots of odds and ends. Now I'm going back up to the lake to enjoy the best part of stressing so hard all school year! ;)


Sarah said...

I love Damien Rice...Thanks for the share! I haven't listened to him in ages!

Tabitha said...

Damien Rice brings back so many great memories. Thanks for the reminder of his great music!

Defining Tabitha

Meghan said...

I adore Damien Rice! A friend from college exposed me to him, and the night I met my husband, he was impressed that I was able to recognize his music. I suppose he brought us together:)

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