Monday, July 09, 2012

Inter-rockin Triathlon Race Report: Athena Winner!

 Yes readers and myself, that is three medals: A finisher medal (for being awesome), a third place in my age group medal, and a FIRST PLACE ATHENA MEDAL. YES! YES! YES!

It's a day later and I still feel like this dude...
...except slightly cuter. ;)

Before: Not as many nerves for my third tri. I was mostly pumped up for this race because I know I've been working hard and I was ready to show it. I set up my transition area with a five gallon bucket to sit on. I love the cheap bucket method! This whole triathlon thing is pretty expensive. Gotta cut corners when I can!

The Swim: I refused to panic before the swim like I did in my last tri. I stayed on the outside of the group (which was bigger than the last one) and even though my time wasn't as fast as I wanted it to be I finished strong. Now that I'm over my fear of getting kicked in the face I'm going to push it at my August tri. 

The Bike: I hadn't ridden my beautiful road bike for a week because we were at the lake and I didn't want to trash it on dirt roads so I was little nervous about the clip-in shoes and balance. Everything was great except for three things: My cheap bike seat hurt my lady parts, I still can't balance well enough to reach down and grab my water when I'm super thirsty, and my legs were super shaky when I finished the ride. The bike seat and legs were remedied today because I finally got my bike fitted for me. The balance is just going to take practice. I can't wait to ride my newly fitted bike!

The Run: Since I didn't drink enough water on the bike, I chugged water during transition. I heard it sloshing throughout the whole 5k. It was kind of funny but it mostly felt gross. I ran in with this 58 year old BOSS LADY. Geez, can I please finish a tri in 1 hour 23 minutes when I'm 58? 

After (in pictures):
Who looks this happy after a triathlon? THIS GIRL!
These are the amazing ladies I tri with (minus one Sue). We all medaled! I mean, talk about badass.
They are SO INSPIRING and hanging out with them is super fun. We are talking about starting a ladies-only tri party workout group in West Michigan. Doing triathlons with strong women is so motivating. Takers?
Afterwards we floated in Sutton's Bay with beer and cocktails. Summer rocks!
The Numbers:
Place: 3rd out of 12 in my age group, 1st out of 7 in the Athena category
Swim (500 meters): 13:07
Transition 1: 2:10
Bike (20k, 12.5ish miles): 40:10
Transition 2: 1:40
Run (5k): 26:14

Special thanks to this song:
I listened to it before I put my phone away for the tri. It was like having Oprah give me a pep talk before I started. Fer reals. 

I don't think I can afford another tri this month, but we'll see! Now that I have a little mid-season triathlon hiatus due to lack of moola, I'm going to start attacking more summer goals on my 30b430 list. The Summer of Jen is definitely living up to its possibilities. 

Anyone else having an amazing summer? You should tell me about it because it makes me want to do more fun stuff!

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Delightfully Awkward Brittany said...

Wow, you are kicking ass at these tri's! I'm still trying to get in the habit of training for an upcoming 5k, haha. What an inspiration :)

Jen H said...

:) Thanks! You can totally do it! Make a good playlist and get at it, girl!

Weber J said...

Color me proud as hell of my unofficial little sister!

do_it_ajen said...

Thanks Brotha Eatabaga! :)

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