Sunday, August 19, 2012

Race Recap: The Three Rivers Triathlon

Yesterday I completed my last triathlon of the season-- The Three Rivers Triathlon. 

This was the hardest tri I've done this season because of the hills! Let me illustrate:
Artist rendering of the emotional feeling of  bike and run routes (who knows what it really looks like)

I had a great time yesterday. I wasn't expecting to place in anything-- mostly because my tri ladies and I went through the bike route earlier in the week and my hill performances were laughable. I decided my goal for this tri was to finish and drink a celebratory summer shandy. 

The weather was perfect, although at 53 degrees it was a chilly start:
I kept my hoodie on for as long as possible. 

The swim went well. I had no anxious freakout in the water and I felt like it went by fairly quickly. I had a couple ladies grab my foot which startled me, but it also kept me on my game. Plus, I caught up to the end of the men's wave so I felt like an Olympian. Hehe.

The bike was hard. Really hard. Over this summer of triathlons I've learned that I really like biking even though it forms calluses on my bootie. Yesterday's race taught me that I need to learn how to hill climb. There were two points where I thought I might get off and just walk. Then I got it together and just climbed the hill in agony. Maybe I'll sign up for a spin class in the fall? 

 Something fun about triathlons is that people are really encouraging. This woman and I kept passing each other on the bike every few minutes. After the first half of the bike leg she passed me again and we had a little conversation:
Me: UGH! I am trying to beat you but you keep passing me! Haha!
Her: Girl, I am 55... you can do it! Let's keep motivating each other!
Me uphill: I can't pass you on hills because I don't know how to stand while biking!
Her: Hahahaha! What?!

I ended up beating her after I squirted my Gu pack all over my hands because I also don't know how to bike with one hand. I've noticed in my first season of triathlons that most of the women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s are way better than women in their 20s. I hope I am as fit as they are when I am their age! Maybe I'll even be able to stand while climbing hills and let go of the handlebars sometimes!

The run hurt, but I made it through. It was beautiful running weather but again, the hills were killer. My calves were screaming! I finished with a smile on my face, ate some pancakes (best post race breakfast ever), and drank my summer shandy. Our results were posted and imagine my surprise when I saw that I took third in my age group?
I was not expecting to place. Danielle tells me that I need to have higher expectations of myself. I'm getting there... slowly but surely. A year ago, I never would have thought that I would win a medal at any athletic event. It feels pretty cool. Plus, not to sound like a Weight Watchers commercial, but if I can do all of this stuff then ANYONE can do it. :)

Final times:
Swim (500m)- 11:45
Bike (18K)- 38:01
Run (5K)- 27.53
Final: 1:21:57
3rd place out of 8 in my age group (25-29)

What am I going to do now? 
Maybe I'll scrounge up some moola and compete in a fall triathlon. I'm not ready to be done yet! 

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