Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Earworm Wednesday: Summer Skin

This song is a sad, yet happy lament that I am back in a new school year in a new job. I think my blog might be a bit neglected for the next few months-- I'm negotiating the new politics of teaching in a private school, getting used to this new routine, and taking my last grad class before I write my capstone. I will be back when I can fit in the time to blog because, well, I love keeping a record of my life even if it's just for me.

The biggest goal I have for this fall is to figure out how to stay active. Exercise has become a huge part of my life and I don't want it to fall by the wayside. Working out is my beer at the end of the day, my therapy, my anti-depressant, my mood regulator... I need it!

I am still attacking my goals with rigor and I will post about riding a horse for the first time (eek!) soon. I also need to revise my list. Some of the things that were important to me a few months ago are no longer at the top of my list.

Fall is in the air and I love it.


Brother Joe said...

Yeah, sometimes life will do that to you (take away your muse or replace it with another task.)

I'm looking forward to reading some sort of farewell (or the opposite, perhaps?) to KCHS on here at some point.

I think that at some point, after some time away and some clarity, that you'll be able to see your time there for what it truly was... That's what I want to read about. I wonder if we'll be surprised by what you find?

do_it_ajen said...

I would love to write some sort of farewell, but I fear I'm stuck in a writer's block once again-- a block similar to the one I had after traveling with students to Senegal. I'm still not over that and I was only gone for 6 weeks. 7 years in a school district will probably take some time... :)

(christine) said...

best of luck to a new school and year! I am just starting to get my feet under me, but I should be spending more time working on my Montessori certification rather than blogging, but procrastination can be fun!

I keep telling myself I'll become an AM exerciser, but I haven't seen it happen yet! Maybe you'll have better luck!

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