Sunday, June 23, 2013

Training Update!

I was really proud of my ability to stick to my training plan this week. My body is less sore, I'm starting to feel faster, and fitting in the workouts has not been very difficult. I got my running mile back down in the nine minute range, so it's only a few more weeks before I'm back in the 8:30 range! I'm also down six pounds, which is making me feel a lot better about myself! 

The Plan
Monday- 23 swim, 43 bike
Tuesday- 23 run
Wednesday- 2k Open Water Swim (ooooo, my first open water swim competition!!!!) I'm nervous!!!!
Thursday- 62 bike, 31 run
Friday- Off
Saturday-39 swim, 77 bike
Sunday- 31 run

The Real Deal
Monday- 23 swim, 43 bike- I fit this workout in during a two hour work break. Now that's balance.
Tuesday- 24 run
Wednesday- Did my 2k swim in just under 40 min. I signed up for another one in July because now I want to beat my time.
Thursday- 37 run- It was a HOT one!
Friday- 61 bike that I neglected on Thursday
Saturday-35 swim, 64 bike
Sunday- 32 run

This week will be a challenge because I'm starting my summer job. We'll see what happens. Luckily, it is a fairly light week because I have a race (the Gull Lake Triathlon) on Saturday. I have another race the next Sunday! My mantra needs to be ice, ice, ice, stretch, stretch, stretch, and DON'T OVERDO IT! I also need to remember to stay away from dairy as it REALLY messes up my tummy. I remembered this yesterday after my romp with a hot fudge sundae. I've got this. 

This Week's Training Plan
Monday- 14 run (Edward Sharpe Concert!)
Tuesday- 14 swim, 28 bike
Wednesday- 19 swim
Thursday- 37 bike, 19 run
Friday- Off
Saturday- RACE!
Sunday- Off, yoga

Wish me luck this week! I'm feeling really anxious about my summer job and I want it to go well. I'm a (wo)Man on Fire:
Hehe... I'm really excited about this concert and had to fit this video in somewhere! 

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