Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Earworm Wednesday: Old Timey Tunes

I absolutely LOVE covers that are done in fun, quirky, and interesting ways. If I had a cover band, I'd take 90s rap and make it sound like folk songs. That's why this Wednesday's post is dedicated to Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox. I am obsessed. I've been listening to the album Twist is the New Twerk for the last three days. Is it cheesy? I don't give an eff. It's beautiful to me. It's a throwback to times when I didn't exist and wish I did. It makes me want to dance.

My top covers from the album:
1. We Can't Stop
The back-up singers swagger. The ability to make a song I hated sound amazing. 

2. Sweet Child O'Mine
The lead singer. The clarinet Slash solo cover. The lead singer. The "where do we go" part. 

3. Young and Beautiful 
The banjo. The mutes on the horns. Everyone's chill, badass attitude. 

I even like this cover of Royals...
...even though (1) I rank the original on my list of annoying songs. It's up there with Radioactive by Imagine Dragons and anything by Muse and (2) Puddles the Clown is too grim and sad and freaky and (3) I've of the "being scared of clowns" generation, mostly due to this movie:
Ew. Contemplating taking this pic off of this post because I can't stand it that much. It's ruining my vibe.
Can we just all get dressed up in some vintage threads, learn some synchronized dance moves, and go to a party with Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox playing live? I mean, PLEASE?! Let's drink cocktails from every era and smoke cigarettes from a variety of holders that reflect the times when people thought smoking was a health benefit. 

Let's dance like the days when there were dances that went with every song that weren't like this:
But more like this:
I mean, we won't all look like this, but let's use our imaginations! 

Happy Wednesday. Do you have any quirky covers to send my way? Do it! 

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