Monday, March 10, 2014

Scale Betrayal

I've been working out like a fiend for the last few months. I've found over the last few years that it's the only thing that helps me beat the winter blues. Exercise equals endorphins, right?
I don't want to shoot anybody-- Legally Blonde is just proving my point. 

I feel better, my clothes fit better, I have more energy, and I'm an all around happier person. Plus, if I go to the gym fifty times within a six month period, my health insurance pays me. I've already gone forty-eight times and it's only been three months. Needless to say, I've been feeling really good about myself. I even weighed myself at home and the scale said I've lost six pounds. 

Or did I? 

I thought our scale was broken because it's old and the one never shows up on the screen, so I've been weighing myself on it over the last few months and just ignoring that it was "broken." Then, the Hubs texted me last week to let me know that the one on our scale hasn't been broken this whole time. Here's an excerpt from our rage-ful texts:
Hubs: I just realized our scale got set to kg instead of lbs... I was assuming the "1" was broken. AHHHHH
Me: NOOOOOOOO. My day just went from phat to fat.
 Stupid scale.
I hate you, scale.
F U, scale. 

I've written about my struggles with weight before. I'm up from where I was after my first season of triathlons. From the job change in 2013, to the stressful summer job of 2013, to eating my feelings due to other stresses, to this other job switch, I'm not where I want to be, but I felt like I was getting there before the stupid scale betrayed me. 

Then I asked myself, "Why do I CARE about this?"
At the beginning of this post, I said I've been working out like a fiend, I feel better, my clothes fit better, I have more energy, and I'm an all around happier person.
So, seriously, why do I put so much worth into the scale? 
Yeah, that's right you stupid scale. This is what I've been doing while you've been making me feel bad about myself:
Lifting weights and getting stronger.
Push-ups-- I can do those now.
Strengthening my core. Yeah, you stupid scale. I can do planks without crying now.
Swimming like a boss. I'm faster than last season.
Training for a 10k. Yeah, you dumb scale. I'm not the best runner, but I've been running outside while other people haven't been. In yo' FACE.
Yoga. I'm better at downdogs than you are.
Dance. Yeah, that's right you stupid scale. I've been shakin' my curvy self at the dance studio.
Going to hour long spin class twice a week and killin' it.
I'm done weighing myself for awhile. I'm just going to let my jeans fit better without the side of depression because the numbers don't match my body. I'm going to focus on eating foods that make me feel good instead of not eating anything to look good.

Peace out, scale. 

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