Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Earworm Wednesday: A Sexy Running Song

I never thought I'd like Katy Perry, but there is something about the song Dark Horse that I just love. I woke up last night with the song in my head and I didn't hate it. It's been coming on when I work out and the beat is just intoxicating. It's one of those songs that makes you feel sexy when you're running. You know what I mean--
What I feel like when I'm running to Dark Horse (or any sexy song with a good beat) vs Reality. [via]
Plus, the video is hilarious. 1) It's badass, 2) It's ridiculous, and 3) It makes me want to learn how to pole dance.
Enjoy. I'm going stir crazy over here and regretting my decision to not go to Ft. Myers this year. 

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Skyline Spirit said...

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