Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Earworm Wednesday: Iron and Wine

On Monday, I will be crossing a band off of my concert list. I'm pumped to see Iron and Wine in our little town of Kalamazoo at my favorite venue, The State Theater.
My favorite Iron and Wine song is The Trapeze Swinger. After searching setlists from this tour, I can see that my chances of hearing it are hit or miss. Also, some of the setlists are crazy short, while others are intense... I hope Samuel Beam is feeling the love from Kalamazoo and that we get a great show... fingers crossed.

In honor of seeing Iron and Wine, here is The Trapeze Swinger, which has been playing on a loop in my mind over the last few days:

In other news, my allergies are KILLING ME. I thought I'd found the perfect combination of allergy meds, but this year the combo isn't as potent as usual. I wonder if you build up a tolerance and should switch it up every few years. If so, this is the time to switch it up. Goldenrod, I shake my fist at you.

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