Monday, September 29, 2014

I. Love. Fall. And Maybe Fishing.

Just a little postcard for you from my beautiful weekend...
I love Michigan in the fall. The air changes with the colors and the smell of the season makes me want to be outside all day long. And when we get those amazing fall days that are 75 degrees and sunny?! Dang, yo! It's incredible! 

The Hubs and I headed up north to Lewiston for a long weekend. We ate, we drank, we fished, we bonfired, we spent lots of time together, I didn't wash my hair for three days, we kayaked all over the place, we drove around and stared in awe at the beautiful colors, we watched the stars reflected in the lake on super clear nights-- it was awesome. I love spending extra time with him. 

One thing though... I really need to get over my fear of taking the hook out of a fish's mouth. I've never really fished, unless you count going to a fish farm and catching fish and having someone else take it off the hook for you., I've never fished. I just started getting into fishing and I can catch the fish, but I can't bring myself to unhook the fish yet. I usually hold the pole and the net while The Hubs takes the hook out. Then I hold the fish for a picture (because if there isn't a picture, it didn't really happen) and throw it back. The Hubs said after the first time you do it, you're fine. 

I really tried to unhook the large mouth bass I caught yesterday afternoon. Instead, I pathetically yelled from my kayak while the fish flailed about in the water, "HUBS! HUBS! Come paddle over here! Help me! Oh my gosh, I think I hooked this poor fish in the eye! Oh my god! Oh my god! Help! Help! I can literally SEE the hook in this guy's eye!" I believe I also squealed. FYI, there wasn't a hook in the eye.

That was an embarrassing admission. I need to put my badass pants on. My friend Deann, my badass in nature role model, went bow fishing. If she can spear a huge fish with an arrow, then I can take a fish off of a hook. Let's not even talk about using live bait. I'm not even close to that yet. 

Here's to all things fall, including fall fishing and taking the fish you catch in the fall off of the hook yourself. 

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