Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Earworm Wednesday: Still Stuck on Fiona Apple 17 Years Later

My Amazon Prime is up this month and we can't really afford the $99 renewal fee. I decided that was the perfect excuse to order the Fiona Apple Tidal piano songbook off of Amazon. Totally makes sense, right?
When I listen to songs from the Tidal album like Slow Like Honey, I seriously cannot believe that I thought I related to this album when I was in eighth grade. I have a very clear memory of listening to this album (and Live's Throwing Copper) over and over again on my giant Discman on the bus ride to Washington D.C. from Michigan. I remember thinking to myself, "Man, I cannot WAIT to get older."

Um, eighth grade Jen. Slow your roll. 
Sometimes when I talk to young people about lyrics of songs and the meaning, they will tell me that they honestly weren't even listening to the words-- they just like the tune or the beat. First, I don't understand how that could even happen. Second, eighth grade Jen listened to all of these Tidal lyrics which is probably why high school was an especially angsty time.

Um, the lyrics to this song make me want to shake eighth grade Jen and clutch my pearls:

I've loved all of Fiona Apple's albums after Tidal, especially When the Pawn, but Tidal was my first exposure to a female artist who sang on what felt like a level that was the opposite of Mariah Carey (who I loved too).

Happy Angsty Wednesday. Listen to your lyrics!


BroJoe said...

You and me both. I had such a crush on her after listening to "Shadowboxer" and running out and buying that album. "The First Taste" is still one of my favorite poems set to music.


do_it_ajen said...

SERIOUSLY. I love her. She played at Fred Meyer Gardens last summer and I didn't go. Still regret it.

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