Tuesday, September 23, 2014

On Morning Workouts

This morning I decided to get back into my morning workout mode. When I had the HORRIBLE shigella infection this summer, I stopped working out in the morning. I started working out again for my health and triathlons, but I switched to the evening. My work schedule is getting filled up again and it's getting darker earlier, so I'm back to the morning.

This is a minute-by-minute snapshot of my morning of getting back to working out in the morning:
4:00am, 5:40am: Wake several times and feel anxious because my alarm is going off early but then feel relieved because I have a few more hours/minutes to sleep.
6:15am: Alarm goes off
6:16am: Press snooze.
6:26am: Alarm goes off again.
6:26am: Press snooze and stare into the the darkness.
6:27am: The Hubs mumbles, "Seriously dude, if that goes off again... [unintelligible babble]"
6:28am: Turn off alarm. Grab phone and procrastinate by checking Facebook instead of getting out of bed.
6:29am: Read some blogs. Tell myself I'm only going to do this until 6:36am
6:36am: Google search "reasons to work out in the morning." Read a few of the search results.
6:39am: Feel inspired by the results and slowly move out of bed.
6:42am: Get swimsuit on. Think that I should have slept in swimsuit for motivation/inspiration. Shuffle around the house.
7:00am: Go to gym.
Yeah. I'm dropping an eff bomb. It was like that.
I got up at 5:14am for the last eight years of my life. This shouldn't have been so hard.

The good news is that when I left the gym I felt like a boss. 
I went home, made breakfast, folded laundry, went to the bank, AND went to the store all before work at 9:30am.

An old man flicked me off hard on the way into work because I was accidentally tailgating him (he, going 20 in a 45. Me, so happy from working out that I was singing and moving around all cool-like to West Coast by Lana Del Rey and accidentally tailgating him because he was going SO SLOW) and I didn't even get sad about it. I waved and smiled when I passed him. 

So yeah... gonna start those morning workouts again fer reals. 
Get that extra shot of happiness in the morning:

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