Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stitch Fix Sent Me REALLY EXPENSIVE Jeans

I got my first Stitch Fix! I loved the experience of getting my Stitch Fix package and I will talk about the items in my fix on my next blog post, but I wanted to spend a little time on the super expensive jeans that were in my fix. 
Let me start with this: Stitch Fix sent me jeans that cost $178. As in, one hundred and seventy-eight dollars. 
My price range for Stitch Fix was cheap-$100. I have never tried on jeans that cost over a hundred dollars before. You might be thinking, "Jen, girl, nobody thinks that $178 is a lot to pay for jeans. That's the price of quality!" Well, you've gotta know that I am not from a $178 for a pair of pants kind of life. 

I gingerly stepped my foot into a pant leg. As I put the jeans on, I thought about what might happen to me as I pulled them up my legs. Would the stubble on my unshaven legs that touched the jeans turn into strands of gold and silver?

This is what happened: I loved the jeans and I wanted them NOW.

I ran errands after trying on the Beautiful Jeans. While driving to the store, I came up with a list of justifications for why I should spend $178 on the beautiful jeans:
- If I wear them twenty times, that will be just $8.90 a wear. 
- I usually wear out a favorite pair after a few months. Maybe this pair will last a few YEARS!
- They are made in the United States from cotton grown in the United States-- Buy local?
- If I don't go out to eat for the next three months I can buy them!
- I deserve nice things!
- I said I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe-- isn't a pair of jeans that cost so much upgrading? 
-I actually have money in my savings! Why spend it on a potential home or medical emergency? Why not just get some Beautiful Jeans?
When I walked into the house after running errands I was dead set on getting the Beautiful Jeans, so I wore them downstairs to show the Hubs how good my butt looked in them. He said they were nice and asked how much they cost. I said, "Well, you know, like, a little over a hundred bucks." His eyebrows raised so high they disappeared somewhere into his forehead. I realized after articulating the cost  that if I have to bend the truth about the jeans they definitely cost too much. 

I touched the soft material of the Beautiful Jeans. I tried them on again. I sighed in delight at how they were the perfect length for me. I walked around in them. I sat down in the living room, staring at the Beautiful Jeans and marveling at how shapely my legs looked. 
Then I put them in the package and reluctantly sent them back.

Because spending almost $200 on jeans is insane. 
After I packed up the Beautiful Jeans, I ended up telling the Hubs how much they really cost because I felt bad for sorta-kinda lying. The next morning, I walked into the kitchen wearing jeans and t-shirt.
The Hubs looked at me asked, "Are those the $200 jeans?!" His eyebrows looked ready to raise.
I sighed forlornly and replied, "Nope, these are just my good 'ole seventeen dolla' T.J.Maxx jeans. Guess I'm never gonna be fashionista. I'll just be a Maxxinista."
"Oh," he said, "they look the same. And they look nice." 

He won the game of marriage that day. I love him. 

And I still love Stitch Fix. More on that tomorrow! 

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