Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Earworm Wednesday: Snow Days and Jenny Lewis

A great benefit I got to keep from my teaching days is that my office is on a college campus so I still have snow days!

Yesterday, I had to work from home, but the first snow day of the year still gave me that celebratory feeling. Plus, I had to figure out holiday games and crafts for the kids we work with which meant I got to be on Pinterest looking up fun holiday ideas to do with young people in grades 3-5. These are a few gems from my search:
We're making these wish list ornaments, but on the wish list kids will have to write things they wish for their community, family, and THEN themselves-- anything we can do to get a hold of the crazy consumerism of the season.  

We're also playing this reindeer antler relay game because I think it looks hilarious:
I might be getting into the Christmas spirit this year. Maybe we'll put the tree up. 

The soundtrack of my snow day was not Christmas music. It's too soon. My Spotify was rockin' Jenny Lewis' The Voyager. I've liked Jenny Lewis since I first heard her in Rilo Kiley and I absolutely love this album. Here is one of my favorite songs, although I would highly recommend listening to the whole thing from beginning to end:

Okay, here's one more, just because I can't help it:
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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